Monday, February 21, 2011

Free Pizza for Madison Protesters, TAA union, and Video Coverage of Madison

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the TAA organizing center (graduate student union) on the 4th floor of the State Capitol building. Here is a photo and story from The Daily campus paper online:

In yesterday’s post I mentioned the free pizza, and how donations were coming from all over the country to feed the Madison protesters. Solidarity comes in many forms! Here’s an excerpt on that story from the website of Ian’s Pizza, a couple blocks off the square:

“The next day [Wednesday] we got a handful of calls from folks throughout the country, people who had heard about our late-night donation. Then a few more the next day, and next thing, fast forward to 5pm on Saturday when we were so inundated with calls - - from over half the states in the Union and from international locales ranging from Canada to Denmark -- that our normal business had to essentially be shut down so we could focus on feeding the protestors.”

There’s lots of great video footage of the week’s protests on YouTube. But also, here is a great collection (in several parts) shot by Matt Wisniewski:

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